Why Triathletes Need Sports Massage during Training

Are you a triathlete who has done rigorous training but doesn’t get the top rank of the race? Did you ever wonder why despite your preparations and use of quality triathlete gears you still hardly get to the finish line? Maybe, there something wrong with training program; perhaps, you’re just out of luck; or maybe, you just miss ONE activity that could contribute a lot to your triathlon goal…

Some people may believe that massage therapy is merely a relaxation technique with the sense of luxury. Nonetheless, what these individuals don’t know is that massage and training goes hand in hand to achieve the goals in sports. According to Coach Cliff English, an outstanding high-performance triathlon coach, massage is an integral part of a triathlete’s training plan as it enhances their performance. That being said, if you really want to aim high in triathlon, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t include massage therapy in your existing training program.

Briefly, Sports Massage

In general, massage is a therapy that mainly uses the power of physical touch. Sports massage is specifically a variation of remedial massage therapy that utilizes scientifically-based techniques, aiming to treat musculoskeletal and soft tissue problems related to sports as well as to enhance one’s athletic performance. Some newly-builtlocal spas may offer this practicebut the well-established ones like those rehab centre melbourne are highly recommended for quality sports massage.

Sports Massage during Training

Sports Massage Benefits

  1. Injury Prevention

Sports massage and training has to work together in multiple ways to prevent injury from happening. While training programs must be done with the right coach, sports massage must be performed only by a highly trained, professional massage therapist.

Apart from the fact that massage may prevent injury by increasing the mobility and flexibility of the joints, Briana Averill, a professional licensed massage therapist stated that having a regular massage helps prevent injury sinceearly treatment can be initiated to areas of the body that may have problems as identified by the therapist.

  1. Better Endurance

Cells are composed of a powerhouse, called mitochondrion, which stores energy. Basically, if mitochondrion increases, energy increases. Research shows that after an intense training, the cells increase andform new mitochondria. But what is amazing about this is that sports massage is even more efficient in terms of mitochondrial production. And so if massage and training are combined, what do think will this mean to a triathlete’s endurance? Do the math!

  1. Speeds Up Muscle Recovery

Muscles are wasted after a triathlete’s training. Aside from giving it ample of rest, sports massage can help in muscle recovery by increasing tissue perfusion to the tired muscles. It’s the key the not all triathletes and sports enthusiasts hold!

  1. Relaxation

This benefit might already be a cliché when talking about massage. However, this is also the number one priority that triathlete needs. It may not be that comfortable at first, but at the end of your session, you will feel perfectly great and relaxed; ready to face your training challenges once again.

Article Highlight

It is already given that triathletes must undergo high intensity training. But when coupled with sports massage, it can make the training more effective and turn into a worthwhile experience. This isn’t promising anything for the actual race, but definitely it will make a big difference!

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