Using a Testosterone, Dianabol, and Deca Durabolin Cycle

Many bodybuilders and athletes want to enhance their muscle’s size, definition, and strength. One popular way to achieve such an objective is to use a steroid cycle consisting of Testosterone, Dianabol, and Deca Durabolin.

Each steroid supplement in this particular cycle will have its unique properties that can help users in specific ways. When acting as standalone products, the results may become limited, especially for individuals who want to achieve a body that’s both large and muscular. In this post, we’re going to take a look at each compound while learning how to properly do the cycle to acquire the best results.

effects of the nandrolone hormone

Using Testosterone

Testosterone is one of the most versatile anabolic steroids known to humankind. Many communities even dub it as the “perfect base of steroid stacks.” Testosterone has solid anabolic and androgenic properties, and its characteristics make it a vital part of any bulking cycle. In fact, it’s even popularly administered for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). TRT is prescribed for patients suffering from disorders that limit or stop the body’s natural production of the testosterone hormone because of age, substance abuse, or other health issues. However, the Testosterone steroid heavily aromatizes into estrogen once it’s inside the body. Users are advised to start cycles with a 400 mg dosage of Testosterone per week.


Using Deca Durabolin

Deca Durabolin or just Deca for short is a steroid based on the nandrolone hormone. Deca is another popular steroid used in the athletic and bodybuilding communities since the 1960s. The mild side effects of the nandrolone hormone and its low rate of aromatization make it an ideal choice for both beginner and veteran steroid users. Perhaps one of the greatest advantages to using this anabolic steroid is that it can improve a person’s mood by a significant amount. Hence, it can assist in treating depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders. This steroid supplement can also help in increasing appetite. Interested users should know that Deca at the suggested dosages won’t pose a risk of causing hair loss, joint discomfort, and other similar side effects.

Using Dianabol

Dianabol or D-bol is the popular trade name for the anabolic steroid with the generic title known as methandrostenolone. It was first brought into the athletic community by Dr. Ziegler to give the American Olympic team back in the 1960s an athletic advantage. The administration of the supplement only came to fruition because of rumors suggesting that the Russian Olympic team was doping their team for athletic enhancement purposes. Albeit the advantages of using Dianabol for increasing overall athletic performance is long, it’s also one of the anabolic steroids that has a rapid aromatization rate. Therefore, users are advised to start off with 20 to 40 mg split doses of this anabolic steroid.

effects of the nandrolone hormone

Who Should Run the Testosterone, Dianabol, and Deca Durabolin Cycle?

Anyone who’s interested in gaining significant muscle size and strength that has a healthy lifestyle can take advantage of this steroid cycle. Furthermore, individuals who have trouble with their appetites and want to bulk up can also enjoy this particular cycle. Other interested users that can benefit from this steroid program are those who want to powerlift and those who want to exceed their body’s physical fitness plateaus.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t use this cycle if you have histories of joint discomfort, liver ailments, and cardiovascular issues. Always consult your doctor before proceeding with any steroid cycle.

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