Understanding Treatment Options for Your Troubled Teen

As a parent, you will know when your teen needs professional help. Seeking professional help will not make you less of a parent. In fact, by realising that you need help, it makes you a better parent. When considering professional help, you will encounter different types of help. The key here is finding the right kind of help for your kid.

The right kind of treatment will depend on the severity of your teen’s problem. To make an informed decision, here are the different treatment options available for troubled teens:

Wilderness therapy
The teen wilderness therapy program is the most common and interesting of all treatment options. The therapy program allows teens to spend a period of time hiking and camping in the wilderness. If you enroll your teen, he will spend time in the company of other teens.

Do not worry because there will be an equivalent number of counselors for a more personal approach. There will be security precautions training so that no one will slip or fall. Here are the other benefits of wilderness therapy programs:
• It uses the wilderness to create a unique experience: the wilderness will ultimately

challenge the teens. By living in an unfamiliar environment – even just for a short amount of time, will create unique experiences. Exposing the teens to the wilderness will promote self-discipline and improve critical or problem-solving skills.

teen wilderness therapy program
• It utilises natural consequences to help teens: wilderness therapy is designed to expose teens to natural consequences. Witnessing as well as experiencing the consequences has a significant impact on developing motivation. At the end of the program, they will realise how the consequences related to their actions.
• It removes teens from everyday life: by removing your teen from daily distractions, he can focus on improving his behavior and his overall mental health.
• It teaches teens more lessons: aside from the natural consequences, wilderness therapy can teach teens survival and camping skills. Additionally, they get lots of physical activity.

Without a doubt, wilderness therapy is a life-changing intervention. After the program, your teen will learn how to take his new healthy behavior as he transitions back home. However, wilderness therapy has no academic component. It is short-term, which makes it a good place to start but if you want long-term programs, you should consider other options.

Outpatient treatment
This treatment is ideal for teens that are not a danger to themselves or others but still need some kind of help. The outpatient program usually involves individual, family or group therapy.

Residential treatment
If your teen is not responding to a lower level of care, it is time that you consider residential treatment. There are therapeutic boarding schools available. In this kind of treatment, your teens will receive treatment at the same time learn academically.

If you consider this, your teen will be involved in individual and regular group counseling – in an environment free of drugs and alcohol. You should not worry because security precautions are in place, which will prevent the teens from running away.

Psychiatric hospitalisation
This is the highest level of care but it is usually short-term. Psychiatric facilities are reserved for teens that are actively self-inflicting pain. This facility is for teens with severe mental disorders.

Final words
It is important that you get involved in your teen’s healing. Your child needs to know that you are there no matter what happens. Keep in mind that helping your teen is not a one-size-fits-all situation. With this, you need to find the right program/s and determine what they offer.

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