Understand the causes for double teeth

Double teeth are the dental conditions where teeth of the child are connected to each other and it might be caused by fusion or gemination. Gemination might happen when single teeth could be divided into two and it might cause space to develop between teeth of the child. Fusion and germination might cause some issues like atypical spacing, crowding and problems for delay in eruption of the permanent teeth. The best pediatric dentist might monitor permanent teeth to make sure that they emerge normally. Double teeth might grow between ages of 4 and 8.

Overview information about double teeth

Recent studies reports that 30 percentages of the children develop double teeth especially in place of their lower teeth. Amazing numbers of the causes are available for tooth fusion like two separate pulp chambers, creation of wide crown and teeth which is having their own root canals. Different kinds of the treatment options are available for double teeth such as

  • Extraction
  • Cutting tooth into two
  • Smoothing and shaving down

double teeth

Before performing any kinds of the corrective action, pediatric dentist might have to check if double teeth are primary teeth. Germination and fusion of baby teeth might indeed cause atypical cause between teeth and crowding of teeth. It might also delay eruption of permanent teeth. If affected teeth are primary tooth then it might come out on its own. Suppose it is not primary tooth then it must to be extracted. Extraction of the fused or geminated tooth is typical of the orthodontic treatment. According to the research say that gemination and fusion are main causes of the double teeth. It is not usual condition but it is crucial one to dental anomalies. Early diagnosis is necessary one and it is followed by careful radio graphical and clinical observation which might allow dentist to plan treatment at proper time. Minimal intervention technique might be advocated to double teeth. Sometimes dentist might able to divide the teeth surgically which might usually work with the fusion.

Understand treatment for double teeth

Double teeth problem is the visible condition and it could be observed with the naked eye. Common symptoms related with the double teeth include irritability and drooling during growth of the permanent teeth. It is not pathological condition which is completely harmless. The best dentist can provide best treatment to treat double teeth. Double teeth treatment is completely harmless and you must find out the experienced and licensed dentist based on their experience and quality of service. If double teeth problem develops, dentist might make remove and cut baby teeth. Metal wire is fixed on the permanent teeth for the alignment. You can choose dentist as per their experience and review.

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