Top rated High-Altitude Training Masks

Cardio workout is necessary for a healthy lifestyle and it serves as a base for other workouts. For this workout, it is necessary that your body has an increased ability to process oxygen and distribute it to all the organs efficiently. To maintain the intensity of the exercise you must have a proper supply of oxygen which is ensured by the high altitude training masks.

There are several training masks available in the market that are used by athletes, Olympians as well as other workout freaks. But not all are of good quality. The quality of the high altitude training mask can affect the quality of your workout as well as its output to a great extent. Hence it is important to choose a training mask with care. Here we bring to you some of the top-rated high altitude training masks.

  1. Training mask 2.0

it costs around $50 and this OG training mask helps you to breathe against a valve which is one-way and it restricts inhalation. This makes you breathe longer and deeper than usual. The mask works on the principle that if a person who is out of shape starts jogging, then he would breathe deeper and harder as air is not cycling properly through his lungs. The mask makes you take a deep breath in and also a longer exhalation. But the entire air that is exhaled is not expelled and the next inhalation contains air with a higher concentration of CO2. This way it reduces the oxygen content and gives you feel of a high altitude workout.

  1. Phantom training mask – this is the original mask designed by the Phantom company and contains a patent-pending PRS i.e. phantom regulation system. It has different levels of resistance and you can easily switch between these levels during training phase without taking it off. The settings allow you set the resistance to any of the four levels starting from Beginner to Extreme and you have the option to continuously challenge your own self. The mask is made up of the best quality, hygienic and anti-allergenic materials.


  2. Training mask 3.0 —

it costs around $90 and is designed for general fitness and respiratory training. It is similar to the Phantom model and has air flow restriction mechanism. It is a less suffocating mask for beginners and has four different levels of resistance.

  1. Reebok Flexweave Altitude Training Mask —

This is a new product launched in the range of high altitude training mask and has a 3D printed valve technology in it. It can create a comfortable fit and is suitable for high-intensity workouts. The material is of high quality and it aligns with the contours of the face of the wearer.

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