Things That People Need To Know About Cellulitis

Cellulitis is caused by the bacteria Streptococcus and Staphylococcus. The only way that you will get one is by having your bare skin in contact with the bacterias mentioned above. Treating cellulitis is just like treating any other infection there is and that is by an oral antibiotic. The treatment usually varies depending on the severity of the infection. Antibiotic treatment is usually carried out 1 to 7 days to even 14 days, depending on the situation.

This can be possible in environments where there is fewer access to clean water and antiseptic means like soap and disinfectants like poor communities or communities that don’t have any knowledge about it. Because of the unlikelihood that you will get cellulitis, if you just have the proper means to manage or prevent it, it can be prevented. There has been a few information about it and you can’t blame the books since cellulitis is one of those infections that can easily be treated with an antibiotic.


It has four types: Little did most people know, technically cellulitis isn’t just cellulitis, it has various types that you should know about. Cellulitis has four types and it doesn’t really matter whether its significant in knowing it or not, its just good to know. In case the types of cellulitis got you curious below are its types:

  • Breast cellulitis
  • Facial cellulitis
  • Periorbital cellulitis
  • Perianal cellulitis

Its non-restrictive: Cellulitis is non-restrictive. It may cause swelling, redness, and pain but it doesn’t lead to something very painful and something that will restrict you with what you want to do. The only thing is, if its under your feet or its in our hand, it might cause you some discomfort while trying to move, but nothing that an anti-inflammatory can handle for the meantime to relieve the pain. 

You can take other drugs for it: The primary treatment for cellulitis is with an antibiotic via an oral route. While this has been known to be pretty much effective, the fact is taking antibiotic within the day won’t really dismiss the symptoms that are being brought by it. This is the reason why some people are also prescribed pain relievers, anti-inflammatories and paracetamol if the pain is really high and they need something to relieve the symptoms while waiting for the noticeable effect of antibiotic to the body.

Cellulitis is the infection that most likely will occur in areas where lack of clean water and proper aseptic means are absent or not readily accessible. That’s going to be the only reason as to why having cellulitis would be a big deal because for the most part if you’re in a place that has access to everything like in a city this is pretty much manageable including the vast information about it. So having one isn’t really a problem since its nothing serious but it does need to be addressed before it will spread and cause more serious damage. If you wish to know more about cellulitis, make sure to visit

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