The Point of Release from Drug Use

Try to disapprove of destructive behavior without attributing it to drugs. Instead of saying something like, “You get angry that way about drugs.”, instead put the downside to his behavior, “When you get angry this way is bad for you and us.” Mentioning drugs can make it difficult to him will listen to you because he will always be on his toes if you will criticize him for using drugs or not. Using the drug addiction rehab is there.

The Involvement

Involve some other relative to help you so that it does not become heavy for one family member. His family must also be involved in this attempt to help. Tell someone you can trust in their family (if they don’t already know it) and ask them to talk to you and support their recovery.

You must set boundaries for your family member

The psychiatrist says the following about this:

All family members who have a member of their family using a substance should set limits. What would these limits be? If your family’s use of the drug is harming your home, then set firm boundaries without fear. Each family member, depending on the degree of harm a family member who is a drug or alcohol user is bringing to the family, should choose these limits, which may be:

Drug Addiction Rehab

1. Communicating to the addict that next time it happens, it will no longer help to collect debt , relieve the “burden” of the consequences and actually do it when the next incident happens (because if you don’t, it won’t do any good anything);

2. Inform that if the same episodes continue to occur you will have to take action such as : calling the police or calling an ambulance (when the person is aggressive and wants to hit) instead of helping, helping, protecting themselves;

3. Depending on the case, if there is abuse and physical aggression or too many sales of everything at home for the purchase of drugs, warn the relative that unfortunately he will have to separate from you and will only return when he decides to treat himself, when you are already in treatment (because some go once, just to get the family back, and then it all comes back to the same horrible thing) or you may be in case you decide to treat yourself. Otherwise, separation will be necessary for the sake of protecting you and your possessions.

Look for a mutual help group called Nar-Anon, which is for family members of people who use drugs. In this group, other people who go through your experience meet and give and receive support and guidance on how to deal with this situation.

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