The Most Crucial Dynamic Warm up to Do Before Your Workout

Many people know the importance of a vigorous exercise, and yet they choose to skip it and get right to the heavy lifting. Not only is this a foolish decision, but your body will suffer the consequences of your choice later on.

Dynamic Warm Up is a great warm-up and is a form of active movement that is not about holding a stretch but taking your body through the ranges of motion that will prepare you for your workout better. Stagnant stretching is the opposite and it’s where you hold the stretch for an extended amount of time, a good warm-up should focus on using dynamic stretches rather than static stretches.

Why is it important to warm up?

Warmups are important because if you start working out before you start warm-ups, then you have a high risk of injuring yourself. Hence, a good warmup is essential to a good work out regime. Studies have shown that workouts have benefits that include injury prevention and performance improvement, this includes:

This study has noted an improved power and agility after a dynamic warm-up that is compared to static stretching.

This study has also shown that the static stretching can have a negative influence on vertical influence, whereas dynamic stretching had a positive impact. It also showed great power output and reaction time after dynamic stretching, as opposed to static stretching.

dynamic warm up

This study makes note that a good workout requires a good warmup and this is helpful when you want to prevent any minor or major injuries.

What consists of a good dynamic warmup?

A good dynamic warm up consists of the following elements:

  • A light aerobic warm-up
  • Soft tissue work on a foam roller, this is optional
  • Dynamic warmups or dynamic stretching

How long should the dynamic warm-up last?

Generally, you can complete a warm-up in about 10 minutes- 5 minutes for a light aerobic component and 5 minutes for the dynamic stretches. If you include foam rolling, then you can add another 3-5 minute in your warmup routines.

 The best Dynamic Warm Up:

Vinyasa Flow:

This yoga staple is a high dynamic warm-up exercise for strengthening your upper body while opening up the back and front of your body. Go through these flows at least five times at a nice and easy tempo.


This dynamic warmup is a progression from the Vinyasas Flow and is a favorite among athletes. The warmup targets the entire backside of your body and opens up many muscles that get stiff because of prolonged sitting.

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