The Joys of Becoming a Surrogate Parent

You have heard about surrogacy. Modern technology made this happen but it is more than simply carrying someone else’s baby. Surrogacy also means changing the lives of other people forever in a magical way.

Basically, becoming a surrogate parent is not always an easy decision but the joys can be endless. Here are some joys of becoming one:

  • You are giving life: if you become a surrogate parent, you are given the chance to give something that no one else can. Couples turn to surrogacy because they are having troubles conceiving. If you become a surrogate parent, you are giving the couple the chance to be a family. At the end of the journey, you will have a sense of accomplishment
  • You are giving your life meaning: by becoming a surrogate, many women realised their life purpose. Not only will you feel important in building a family but the gratitude from the intended parents will last a lifetime – even long after the baby is born.
  • You get paid: becoming a surrogate parent means you will get paid – adequately. This is a worthy consideration because aside from the medical fees, you will receive a compensation package. The compensation will allow you to put a down payment on a new house or pay off college loans. Others use the payment as a nest egg allowing them to open their own business. This goes to show that the compensation can go a long way and if you decide to be a surrogate more than once, you will be compensated even more.

become a surrogate parent

  • You receive access to healthcare: aside from the financial compensation, you also receive access to healthcare. Your healthcare will depend but in most cases, it can be through a surrogacy plan. If you use your own current health care plan, you have access to pregnancy-related health care at no cost.
  • You foster a new relationship: by becoming a surrogate parent, you are fostering a new relationship. It is difficult not to get close with the intended parents especially after you are matched with them. The journey will not be dull and boring because there are more people aboard this time. You will spend more time together especially when making decisions. It is a nice feeling if you are able to share the journey with the intended parents.
  • You expand your social circle: when you become pregnant again, you are expanding your social network from the mentors at the agency to many support groups. At the end of the day, you will meet new people that you never have crossed paths with.
  • You experience pregnancy again: there are many women who love being pregnant. If you have uncomplicated pregnancies and you loved every minute of the experience, surrogacy can help you.

Ultimately, you will enjoy a deep sense of pride and personal satisfaction because of helping another family. Before the start of your journey as a surrogate mother, it is important that you fully understand everything so you will know what to expect. You should not hesitate to ask if you have questions about financial agreements and even legal documents.

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