The elements of traditional meditation

Meditation is the core of human self. Through meditation, you come to know about yourself and your life. Practicing meditation for a long time it feels like it opened the third eye and you see a better and clearer picture of life. Meditation is not just closing your eyes with your mouth shut. It is more to it and the Corporate Meditation NYC helps you learn this effectively. Traditional meditation is said to have four elements that make meditating perfect. Here we provide the four elements of meditation that are required for the perfect meditation.

A quiet place

Meditation is about focusing. To think of nothing except the focused thing that is in your mind. Hence, to it, you require a quiet place, where you will be able to focus on the task you are doing. If you are in a crowded place where a baby is crying or a dog is barking, you are most likely to not be able to concentrate. Once you can focus on the quiet place you will slowly develop to meditate anywhere you one. That is when you will realize that you have developed the power of concentration and focus. However, this thing does not come that easy and you have to work hard for it.

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A comfortable posture

Meditating can be done in any posture you lay. You either can meditate by lying or be sitting. However, lying and meditating is not preferred because this is the sleeping position and the person doing it may fall to sleep which is not what the meditation intend to give. Hence, the sitting position is the best-suited one. Various postures can be used to mediate. According to Hinduism and Buddhism, they prefer the spine kept aligned with the body and the hand rested on the knee. You can use this or any posture that you are comfortable with.

An object to focus

The meditator has to choose an object to focus. This would help them concentrate on that particular object which would lead to the increased focus. Some meditation use objects like candle, mantra, their breathing or body part to concentrate and focus. While meditating it usually happens that, the mind keeps a thing of the irrelevant thoughts. Hence, this obstructs the whole concept of meditation. Object gives a center of focus so that the mind does not launder around with the thoughts that are not supposed to be in there.

A passive attitude

This means that you are focused on the meditation. Physical desires and distractions such as sounds, itching, tingles, etc should be passed away without the involvement of the person. Let the feeling just come and go, your full focus should be on the object,


These basic elements are the building block of meditation and hence needs to be maintained to meditate perfectly.

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