The Bathroom Safety Tips for those with Disabilities

Minimizing Risks of Disabled Persons in Using Bathrooms

There are bathroom aids that you can find in Ifyouthink that one of the safest places in the world is the bathroom, you are wrong. There have been many accidents that have happened in the bathroom, most especially with disabled persons. The bathrooms that we have are usually small in space and is not easily accessed by disabled persons with mobility aids. The best way to solve this problem is to customize the bathroom for the comfort of persons with disability. Another thing that makes the bathroom a dangerous place is that it can be slippery and even persons without a disability can even fall. It would be great to make a little adjustment about this by using a surface on the bathroom that has a texture that won’t be slippery when the water flows to it.

The Safe Way to Use Bathrooms

There are items that can be used to ensure safety in the bathroom and you can check it out in of the things that shouldn’t be done in the bathroom is to use towel bars for support. You may have seen that they seem to be really strong and can support your weight but it was made only for the towels. To avoid any accident, do not even attempt to make use of it as a support. Other items that shouldn’t also be used for support include holders of toilet paper and soap dishes. When you use these fixtures found in the bathroom for the support it may break or loosen and will cause you to fall seriously. If you want to ensure the safety of your bathroom, you can check those fixtures if they are strongly attached to the wall and you may change them for safer fixtures.

Other safety Precautions that you Should Be Aware of in Using the Bathroom

A safety feature that you can bring to your bathroom is to install grab bars on the areas of the bathroom such as shower wall and bathtub. It would be great if you get some help from the professionals for them to assess where it is appropriate to install the grab bars for the safety of the disabled persons. The location of it should be strategic and functional for the care of the persons with disability.

The best way to take care of disabled persons is to accompany them when they use the bathroom to avoid any untoward incidents. There are people who are always in a rush and that shouldn’t be the case for persons with disability, most especially when the floor of the bathroom is wet and slippery.  When you accompany a disabled person to the bathroom, do it carefully and slowly.  You can check the area first in avoiding any accidents before you let the person with a disability enter the bathroom. Always check the temperature of the water tank which should be not too hot that can cause burns.

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