When you associate with a person with a narcissistic personality disorder, especially if the person has a lot of influence in your life, you are likely to shrivel and become a totally different person because life with a narcissist is draining and can have harmful effects on the people around them. The kind of abuse inflicted by a narcissist is not very visible initially but a person with this disorder can break your spirit and if you are fortunate enough to seek help early, you are likely to be diagnosed with narcissistic abuse syndrome.

Signs of narcissistic abuse syndrome

Panic and anxiety attacks

This is very common if your partner is a narcissist. Your self-esteem will be so beaten down when living with a person suffering from this disorder that you end up worrying about offending him and the consequences of the offence. The emotional torture that results from the beat down you receive from your partner will always keep you on your toes. If for example you get home and see his car, even if you were out to get grocery, your first reaction would probably be “he came home and I was not here!”

narcissistic abuse syndrome

Lack of sleep

Insomnia is a common symptom that results from your life of worry. Your feeling of inadequacy especially since nothing you do ever seems right or perfect enough for your partner. All these doubts about yourself will definitely affect the quality of your sleep, if you get any, and this will eventually have deeper health related consequences.


People with narcissistic personality disorder have this ability to turn things around that you start thinking you are the problem, and not your partner. You get so used to being put down that you even start believing it is your fault the sun never came up. You will always feel responsible for every argument you have. You have been blamed so much for everything that happens that you have come to believe that you are the cause of all the problems your partner has and those you have in the relationship.

Suicidal thoughts

Life with a narcissist is so difficult that you may even start envying those have had the chance to die and leave this world behind. You no longer see life as worth living. The only thing that seems worth it is death and even if you were a person who would never condone thought of death, now you become obsessive about it.

There are so many more symptoms of narcissistic abuse syndrome. What is important is to recognize these signs early enough and seek medical assistance. Victims of narcissists experience such immense abuse that if no one steps in to help them, they will eventually go over the cliff and by then it will be too late to help.

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