Reasons Why One Should Pick Contact Lenses For Correcting Their Vision

Wearing glasses all day every day is not only a hassle but is also a bit heavy on the nose and eyes. For those who have major eye problems and those who wear heavy power corrective lenses, the glasses tend to get heavier and thicker. And this can be a trouble as it is not always comfortable to wear such heavier glasses at all times while all types of work. Also, there is always a chance of losing the glasses or breaking them, and this can render one almost blind till new glasses are prepared. However, all these problems can be solved easily if one chooses to wear contact lenses like 1-day acuvue moist.

Some of the benefits of wearing contact lenses are:

Better comfort

Contact lenses these days are made of comfortable materials and there are several variations to choose from. Most of the lenses these days are hybrid in nature and that means it has the features if both soft lenses and hard lenses. The center is rigid to make sure that the vision is clear and crisp, whereas the outer area is soft to give more comfort while wearing them.

Specialized lenses

These days one can find lenses of various types, which fits the exact requirement of a person. Contact lenses are designed for correcting all types of vision aberration like nearsightedness, farsightedness, corneal irregularities, astigmatism, and any other vision problem. All one needs to do is consult an ophthalmologist before picking one.

1-day acuvue moist

Wider vision

Wearing glasses means one gets centra vision and only partial peripheral vision depending on how large the glasses are. But when one wears contact lenses the best thing is that one can have an open peripheral and central view. Also, as in glasses, the contact lenses do not cause any glare reflection and distortion of the images.


At times, glasses may not look that great in some attires and one may feel how they would have looked if they had no correction glasses to wear. Contact lenses like 1 day acuvue define tend to solve this problem perfectly, as one can choose to ditch the glasses and look however they want to without any restriction. Also, contact lenses allow one to try new lens colors and thus helps one trying new lens colors.

Normal vision

Yes, the corrective glasses are great, but at time sone might miss the normalcy of not using the glasses. At times the glasses can a bit restrictive in nature, like while playing sports, swimming, cyclings, jogging, gyming, etc. But if one chooses to wear contact lenses then they can go about doing whatever they want without any restriction of wearing glasses. Smoke, fog, steam, or water will not cause any problem while wearing contact lenses.

Final words

One should choose a good brand of contact lenses to keep the eyes safe. Also, one can pick 1-day lenses or can reusable lenses depending on how often one needs to wear them. Consult a good ophthalmologist and get suggestions based on the type of eye problem one faces.

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