One diet to rule them all

Diets that just do not work

There are a lot of commercial diets available but most of them just do not work. You might be starving yourself all day, hitting the gym three to four times a week, then realise you have only lost 1 kg in a month. This could make the weight loss journey very frustrating. However, if you are dedicated and get things done this time, you need that one diet to rule all diets – Keto Diet.

So what is a Keto Diet?

Keto Diet does not require you to eat a specific amount of a certain food. As long as you consume a higher amount of fat, a moderate amount of protein and a limited amount of carbohydrates, you are doing a keto diet. You can eat whatever kind of food you like as long as you control the amount of the carbohydrates you absorb. Yes, that means you can still have your favourite burger, without the bread, of course.

How keto diet works?

Some may wonder, what? You mean I can eat all the meat I want and still lose weight? That is impossible. Well, keto diet is proved scientifically. Here is how it works. By consuming a limited amount of carbohydrates, your body would start to burn the fat stored in your body instead of thefood you consume when it faces any energy deficit. Under this condition, fat would become the major energy source inside the body, tricking your brain into using fat instead of other energy source.

How much fat should I eat then?

According to keto diet information provided by most dietitians, they believe that the best ratio for using keto to lose weight is 60-30-10, meaning 60 % of your daily calorie consumption should be coming from fats, 30 % should come from proteins and 10 % should come from carbs. Therefore, you do not have to worry about ditching all the carbohydrates in your diet, because we all want some French fries or chips at the end of hard day.

Advantages of Keto diet

The major advantage of keto diet is its flexibility. In many other diets, you have to control the type of food you eat, or calculate the exact amount of calories consumed. This could be very troublesome when you are eating out with your friends, or eating at some social occasions. However, for keto diet, you do not have to worry too much and you can enjoy food without thinking too much about its calorie content, making it much easier to sustain the diet for a long time.

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