Know About the Clean Green Certified Cannabis

Recreational drugs are basically intended to alter one’s state of mind by producing a feeling of exhilaration and happiness. In the industry of cannabis, in states like Washington and Colorado marijuana can be bought for recreational purpose from the dispensaries by anyone aged 21 years or above having a valid age proof from the government. Unlike medical marijuana, recreational marijuana is not governed by strict laws. The lawmakers passed a bill that was intended to check the unnecessary use of marijuana apart from medicinal purposes. This bill allows the doctors of the experienced hospitals to prescribe the pot for medicinal purpose. It also allows banks to provide different financial services to the dispensaries selling marijuana.

About the company

In the year 2013, Sam Burke participated in the retail marijuana license lottery. Thousands had applied for the 21 licenses that were available, there Sam won the lottery and he received the license in the year 2014. The very next year he targeted the location of Capitol Hill where he opened the Capitol Hill Recreational Dispensary store on Dec 2015. He named the store as Ruckus to define the turbulent launch of the store. The store was founded with an ambitious goal to offer a unique delivery experience. It features a huge selection of quality cannabis concentrates, flowers, edibles, tinctures and topical. The cannabis dispensary is certified by Clean Green and it proudly sells recreational marijuana to its customers. The processors and growers attached with the brand are all superior to that of their competitors. Ruckus sells recreational marijuana products proudly to its customers at a genuine price. So, if you are based in Capitol Hills don’t miss out the opportunity to visit their store or even order from their online store conveniently.

 Always go for the certified Cannabis

If you want to be really sure that you are taking high standard ethically grown cannabis then always go for the Clean Green Certified products. These are the only 3rd party certified products that are nationally recognized. When you consume these Clean Green Certified products you can be extremely sure and confident that these products do not contain any kind of pesticides and have been cultivated using fair-trade practices. Ruckus is one such store in Capitol Hill that sells recreational marijuana products that are Clean Green Certified.

The testing process

Every product sold at the Capitol Hill Recreational Dispensary undergoes rigorous testing procedure that is set by the Clean Green Certification program and the USDA certification process. The on-site inspection along with the laboratory testing process evaluates the entire life cycle of the plant. Right form selection of seed till the plant is harvested. The testing process monitors the entire process of growth that includes the soil and nutrients too. The inspector also looks into the use of pesticides, dust control and mold treatment. Each year every operator need to undergo the pesticide test to proves that they meet all the set standards. Magnifying lens is used to inspect the plants carefully. The licensed 3rd party tests the soil samples to certify the soil quality. The water conservation techniques are also evaluated.

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