In a short span of time, nicotine free vapes have made a place in global market and is a huge craze amongst people belonging from various age groups. According to a report published by ‘Public Health England’, vaping is considered 95% safer than smoking tobacco. E-cigars and e-cigarettes have transformed the concept of vaping with the establishment of nicotine free flavoured e-juices. Check more about non nicotine vape in the following facts:

  • Vape without nicotine- Many people who swear by the consumption of traditional tobacco doubt the authenticity of vaping without nicotine and question its effectiveness. On the other hand, most vapers approve that non-nicotine vaping offers a much smoother smoking experience. It is considered as a perfect activity for a leisurelygathering that does not include the harsh chemicals present in cigarettes.
  • A smoker’s problem- nicotine free vaping is not a safe option for someone who is trying to stay off cigarettes and stop smoking. The key here is to take baby steps. The thrill and feel that comes with smoking tobacco can not be replaced with vaping even if that contains nicotine in just a day or two. Ex-smokers who have given up smoking can opt for this nicotine free vapes to subdue their occasional smoke craving.

non nicotine vape

  • A non-smokers view- If you are one of them who wants to try smoking but is afraid might get lost in this perilous web, go for nicotine free vaping instead. The “cool tricks” that are related with vaping might seem inviting and contribute to enhancing one’s social status.But it is necessary to understand that even non-nicotine vapes, if used in an unhealthy amount can have negative outcomes.
  • The choice of e-juice- There is a selection of e-liquids available with flavours representing the usual fruits and coffee to subtle confectionaries. Nicotine free juices have intense flavours so that the sharp sensation of nicotine can be replaced to some extent. As a result, flavours like Beach Bum, Green Apple, Madeleine and Blueberry have acquired a significant place amongst the conventional vapers. In many cases, one can mix and match traditional flavours and come up with their own unique set of e-juices.
  • Box Mods, E- Cigars and Vape pens- Box Mods, also known as personal vaporisers permit users their choice of e-liquid and are available with a non-nicotine option. It provides large clouds of smoke, giving the vaper an intense engaging sensation. E-cigars resembles and gives the impression of a traditional cigar though with a better elegantappeal. It is ideal for people who wants to take part in a celebratory cigar moment averting the intake of nicotine. Vape pens are a type of e-cigarettes that are portable and come with a hassle free, less complicated set up.

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