Find The Best Metastatic Breast Cancer Diagnosis Malaysia

What Does Metastatic Breast Cancer Mean?

A tumor spreads from one part of the body to another part of the body is often referred to as metastasis. And hence, metastatic breast cancer is the stage of cancer where the tumor spreads from the breast portion to other parts of the body.

Various metastatic breast cancer diagnosis malaysia are experts in treating metastatic breast cancer and reducing the symptoms to a greater extent.

What Are The Causes Of Breast Cancer And How Can It Be Prevented?

Breast cancer develops when cells in the breast reason start to divide abnormally. The cells are observed to divide at such a rate that it forms a mass of cells in a short amount of time, often referred to as a lump. This abnormal division of cells often spreads from the breasts to other parts of the body through metastasizing.

According to medical researchers, numerous factors increase the risk of breast cancer. These can be due to hormonal, genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors. Though there are various breast cancer causes and prevention options, it should be in one’s favor that she should take proper preventive measures.

One such cause is alcohol consumption, it is often observed that women who consume alcohol daily, and multiples times a day are prone to breast cancer more than those women who don’t. To reduce the risk of breast cancer, it is advised to reduce alcohol consumption to none, or no more than once a day, if one chooses to drink alcohol.

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Another preventive measure is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Exercising regularly in a week, eating a healthy diet, and maintain an active lifestyle is one of the best ways to prevent breast cancer.

What Tests Are Required To Diagnose Metastatic Breast Cancer?

The following types of tests are included in metastatic breast cancer diagnosis. These tests are important as they define if the treatment is working or not.

  • Tests – These include tests such as blood tests, urine examination,and other body fluids tests.
  • Imaging – Imagining procedures such as CT scans and MRIs are very important in the diagnosis of breast cancer. It helps in detecting the size and location of the tumor.
  • Biopsy – This is a process of deriving information right from the tumor cells. The process is executed by collecting a sample of tissue from the tumor to test for genetic markers.

Studies report that almost 30% of women across the world who are diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer are bound to develop metastatic breast cancer at a certain stage in life. This is because, breast cancer can show up in one’s body after months or years of diagnosis, the emerging point may be from another part of the body.

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