Fat To Increase Muscle Mass

Bodybuilders and athletes in general who aim to build muscle often wonder what the right fats are to increase muscle mass to be included in your nutrition plan.

Surely those who want to grow muscle have very different needs from those who aim to lose weight / define themselves; while the latter must reduce the intake of calories and dietary fats (while regulating all macro nutrients well) to achieve their goal, those who want to gain mass must instead insert the fats into the diet in an intelligent and strategic way.

This will serve precisely to try to develop the muscles avoiding becoming like “the little man of the Michelin”. So if you belong to that category of people who believe they can eat junk food and go to Mc Donald’s just because they are ” en masse “, you are completely out of the way now.

Fat to increase muscle mass: practical tips

We start from an assumption: that of literally getting “fattened” was a habit of the 80-90s; today it would be appropriate to do things with criteria, calculating well what are the real individual daily needs, remembering that the fats to increase muscle mass must be all right in your food plan but you must choose wisely … as always.

The right percentage

The main objective should be to maintain the calorie intake obtained from fats in a percentage close to 20%. Not that it is wrong to go further, for example up to 30%, etc., but falling below 20% could lead to less testosterone production and this would certainly not be positive given that it is the strength hormone par excellence, which of course also helps to increase muscle mass.

If the general calorie intake is high, it could drop down to 15% fat.

Taking, therefore, the example of a bodybuilder whose caloric requirement is 3500 Kcal per day, he should consume 77 g of fat in his day which corresponds precisely to 20% of the total caloric.

Increase Muscle Mass

Don’t be afraid of saturated fats

Too often in the environment of gyms (and not only), there is the impression that saturated fats are to be avoided in the most absolute way and this is a serious mistake.

I assure you that among the fats to increase muscle mass, saturated fats must also be consumed and for example, those contained in a beautiful red steak, eggs, chicken, etc., are anabolic substances (which therefore stimulate growth) mainly thanks to the cholesterol which is the main precursor of testosterone production.

If in the diet that 20% of lipids were represented only by vegetable fats (oils, seeds, etc.) we would, therefore, risk a low production of testosterone because this type of fat plays a very limited role in the production of this hormone. Now without going into too much detail, the tight vegans have serious problems related to the sterility risk mainly, for this reason, in the databases, it is full of cases.

Enter omega-3s!

The Omega-3 fatty acids should be an element essential in the daily diet and should definitely be a part too fat to increase muscle mass.

Being anti-inflammatory they are very important for the immune system which also includes the defense network of the organism involved in muscle recovery and growth.

Wanting to get even more in touch with the muscles, it should also be remembered that omega-3 inhibits the release of PGE (2) a prostaglandin (a hormone-like metabolite of fatty acids) that disrupts muscle mass. And at the same time, they stimulate the production of PGE (1) another prostaglandin that promotes the growth and production of hormones.

Do you understand why omega-3 and 6 fatty acids are so important? They are critical in controlling hormone-like substances such as prostaglandins, thromboxanes, leukotrienes, endocannabinoids, cytokines, and eicosanoids.

Unfortunately, today the nutrition of most people is always too unbalanced in favor of omega-6 which are pro-inflammatory and one of the main causes is the various seed oils. There must be a fair relationship between omega-3 and omega-6 in the diet, I talked about it in more depth in this article.

The most common foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids are:

  • Salmon (wild one should be chosen since very few are found in the omega-3 farm)
  • The anchovies
  • Sardines
  • Herring
  • The mackerel
  • The trout

The difference between wild salmon and farmed salmon is noticeable to anyone.

Let’s say that if you don’t like fish you should consider a good Omega-3 supplement.

Oh, I forgot … we should choose ” Grass-Fed ” meat, that is, cattle fed exclusively with grass.

Increase Muscle Mass

Avocado, a real secret weapon

It is a truly exceptional food with an excellent distribution of fats, mainly monounsaturated. It can be added to salads but it is also delicious when eaten alone. It also has the advantage of being alkalizing. I had talked about it abundantly here. Fitness people love avocado!

More fats do not stimulate growth

Many beginner but also intermediate bodybuilders are convinced that high-fat diets, even more than 30% of the total daily calorie intake, lead to a rapid increase in mass. In reality, this is not how it works… fats do not directly stimulate the increase in muscle mass, which instead remains connected to an increase in protein foods such as meat, fish and whole eggs.

They are the protein and not the fat itself to play a key role in muscle development and of course, all supported by carbohydrates.

When we talk about proteins in this case too, however, we must always remember that the rule of balance applies, that therefore everyone needs the right income and that ” more is not better” . Protein abuse is not needed and can create problems for the body for the disposal processes.

Going back to the initial speech and to conclude, remember that even in a classic mass diet there must be fats to increase muscle mass, obviously, they will not do it directly but they will serve to better support the various functions of the body and of course to reach the necessary calorie content.

As I said at the beginning, however, it is a rather serious mistake to think that you can also consume Junk Food (junk food) as desserts and sandwiches full of sauces, etc., just because you are in mass or worse because professional bodybuilders do it. They are never to be taken as an example when it comes to nutrition, first of all, because these choices are wrong a priori and then simply because not being Natural their physiology is altered and not comparable to that of a Natural subject.

Furthermore, if many triglycerides and sugars circulate in the blood, the ability of cells to pick up substances is decreased and therefore traffic jams are created which slows down the synthesis processes. Therefore insert the right fats to increase muscle mass but always rewarding high-quality food, real food.

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