Drink Water-It Benefits Us All!!

Inadequate amount of water in your body can lead to issues like fatigue, poor appetite, heat tolerance, dizziness, kidney stones, constipation, and alarming drop in the blood pressure.

The moment you step out of the house, you see water bottles in everyone’s hands. At that time, most people wonder how they survived their younger years without keeping the water bottles in hand. The thing is, now people are more aware of their health and harmful effects of dehydration too. It is the main reason drinks like Bolero Drinks are often used by people to replace plain water and drink healthy too.

Looking at the amount of water the adults drink, it is hard to understand why none of the people succumbed to physical damage, cognitive damage, or any other harmful effects of not drinking enough water. The fact is that water is not the only source for hydration. There are food items and other liquid drinks that can fulfill the need of water in the body.

Typically, far too many people fail to consume enough liquid to compensate for the amount you lose after exercising or in the dehydrating months of summer. The good news for such people is the fact that you don’t to rely on simple water to fulfill your needs and recover the water loss. There are much better ways to stay hydrated and get additional nutrients too. Plant foods like fruits, vegetables, and seeds have the gel-water which is safe, healthy, hydrating, and have a better taste too. As these foods are consumed, your body regains the water gradually.

For an infant, the water percentage is 75% whereas the elderly people have only 55% of water. The important thing to remember is the fact that the whole bodily process, each and every living cell in your body relies on water to function properly. Water makes sure that the nutrients are transported to each part of the body. It regulates the body temperature, provides lubrication to internal organs and joints, supports the cell and tissue structure, and preserves the cardiovascular function.

Without water, you will only last for three or four days or at most a week. But drinking water is not about sole survival, it is about the quality of survival. If you want to live a healthy life, drinking adequate amount of water is essential. When you are dehydrated, it leads to several brain effects like mood shifts, muddled thinking, poor memory, and inattentiveness. Even the smallest percentage loss of bodily fluids can impair cognitive functions.

As your body’s balance is determined by the amount of water you consume, don’t forget to drink as much water as you can. Make sure that your lips don’t get dry of thirst. And if you just want to make your drink tasty, then there is a better alternative, i.e. Bolero Drinks. With them, you will get more than enough flavors for your water and it will also make the drinking water more nutritious.

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