Cordyceps Adaptogen-Natural stress busters


In herbal medicine, it is a natural substance considered to help the body adapt to stress. There are three main criteria for any herb to be called as an adaptogen.

  • Be nontoxic and produce very less amount of side effect
  • Should be able to resist stress, trauma, anxiety etc.
  • Should be natural

Adaptogens increase the body’s resistance to physical, chemical and biological stressors. Adaptogens help resist and adapt to the stress and restoring balance in the body. They increase the levels of energy and power. Adaptogens works very well for people who want to feel calm, energized and stress free throughout the day. For this commonly used stimulant is caffeine, but it may cause stimmy effects. Adaptogens are the best replacements for caffeine for daily stress-free life. There are many adaptogen herbs popular across the world. Some of the examples are

  • Aswagandha in India
  • Rhodolia rosea in Russia
  • Maitake mushroom in Japan
  • Cordyceps sinensis in China
  • Ginseng in Korea

Cordyceps: It’s a fungus that initially grows on moth caterpillars. Then the fungus grows killing the moth. But, the fungus continues to grow absorbing the nutrients. There are around 300 species available, but Cordyceps sinensis is the most popular in Chinese medicine.

Cordyceps is widely used in Chinese traditional medicine. It was considered a super food that gives strength. It is powdered and used in teas. It is widely available in the high mountains of Tibet, China and Nepal.

Some of the benefits of using cordyceps are

  • Improving immune function
  • Promoting longevity
  • Improving stamina and athletic performance
  • Promoting healthy blood sugar levels
  • Promoting liver function and detoxification

What is Cordyceps adaptogen stack:

Studies showed that Cordyceps adaptogen has strong athletic enhancing properties, increasing endurance and decreasing fatigue. Adaptogens like aswagandha, rhodolia rosea and maitake mushrooms are reported to cause alertness and focus. So, combining Cordyceps with any of these adaptogens will give a great endurance levels with stamina and focus. Meaning boosts your physical as well as mental performance. Here are the individual benefits of adaptogens

  • Cordyceps: Provides support with stress, fatigue, endurance and energy levels.
  • Ashwagandha: It helps in increasing the muscle strength and size. Also helps in improving focus, concentration and alertness.
  • Rhodiola Rosea: It improve cognitive function, enhances mental energy and focus
  • Ginseng: They can speed up mental processes and reaction times thus improving memory and learning capacity. They also improve endurance and stamina.

All these adaptogens are natural, safe and effective.

Suggestions for stacking the cordyceps with adaptogens:

Immunity Stack: Combing Cordyceps with Reishi an adaptogen, can boost immune system

Work out stack: Combining Cordyceps with Ginseng, very useful for the day to hit the gym for an energy boost.

Focus stack: Combining Rhodiola rosea with Ginkgo Biloba can make you alert and focus on the work in hand.

Anti -Anxiety stack: Ashwagandha with astralagus can reduce stress and anxiety.

Ultimate stack:Combining Cordyceps with Ginseng and Rhodiola rosea can give you ultimate energy to run a marathon.

Two things to keep in mind before using Cordyceps adaptogen stacks:

  • Avoid taking them in the night times, as they can make you sleep less throughout night
  • Stack one or two adaptogens not more than that. If you go for more adaptogens for a stack use with caution.

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