Clenbuterol For Safe Weight Loss


Clenbuterol, shortly and popularly known as Clen is prominently used in the treatment of Bronchitis, asthma, and congestion. It has steroid-like properties but not a steroid. It is a beta2 androgenic receptor and in action, it is more similar to Adrenaline. It is also more known for its weight loss property, thanks to the effective way that it works without any side effects. Let us see how to take clenbuterol for weight loss in this article and how it works.

How it works:

It works on weight loss by stimulating beta 2 receptors thereby increasing both AMP and protein Kinase a both of which act on cellular functioning and glucose and lipid metabolism respectively. This act causes to produce heat and fat burning effect called fatty acid oxidation in the body. The fat thus reserved can be used to perform regular activities. It triggers excessive production of ATPs because of which metabolic rate shoots up and it is a well-known fact that the more the metabolic rate, the more burning of fat and resultantly weight loss. But it is important how to take clenbuterol for weight loss in order to avoid any unseen negative impacts. The dosage and usage should be under strict medical supervision in order to rule out formidable threats.


  • As a beginner, you should not exceed the dosage beyond 10 mcg per day.
  • The maximum that men can take is 60 mcg or maybe 100 mcg depending on body type. For women, it should not be more than 40 mcg per day.
  • The maximum limit for any gender or body type should not be more than 200 mcg.
  • In the first week, you can try to improve your dosage but later it is better to stick to one constant dose. With this, you can gain mutual health benefits and reduce side effects.

How to take?

For weight loss, it has to be taken before food so that it helps in controlling appetite and allows you to eat less.

Take Clen on an empty stomach to avoid insulin act on the effects of this pill.

To keep active and maintain metabolism all through the day it is advised to take it early in the morning.

Taking Clen before workouts help in burning more calories and working with great energy.

Since this drug has insomniac effects, it is better to avoid taking it late afternoons and evenings.

You don’t have to take it repeatedly in a day as it has a long life. One pill a day will be sufficient for any purpose.

Benefits of Clen in fat loss:

  • It helps to retain muscle strength and energy through it burns calories.
  • Within 6 weeks it can show results in creating more lean muscle mass
  • It also aids in preparing for tournaments and competitions by providing good strength and avoiding unnecessary fat.

The best thing about Clen is it has very fewer side effects and none of them are permanent or dangerous. So being within the prescribed limits you can enjoy fabulous body without fat and good energy levels.

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