Better For Weight Loss: Anavar vs. Winny

When most people think of steroids, what comes first into their minds would be about the massive muscle mass increase, body size, and overall bulking. What’s the deal about weight-loss steroids? Well, some people also use steroids to lose weight.

Before even considering steroids for weight loss, take note that steroids are prescription-only drugs and defined as Scheduled III controlled substances by numerous governmental agencies around the world. Meaning, steroids are extremely powerful!

What Should I Know About Steroids and Weight Loss?

These drugs are synthetically created to copy the effect of the male hormone testosterone. Whether you are thinking of steroids for weight loss or bodybuilding, they can have a massive impact on hormone function and secretions, which have the great effect on metabolism, physical, emotional, and mental activities in the body.

In some situations, weight loss steroids may be recommended for medical treatments. However, the use of steroids for faster weight loss is not recommended because of the potential danger for physical complications.

Anavar vs Winstrol: What’s the Difference?

  • Anavar

Anavar is a fat burner that helps men and women get very lean. If you’re already lean, you’ll get shredded. It also keeps your muscles looking big and full during a cut, which is important for those who do not like looking flat or glycogen depleted when dieting.

The other important anavar trait is its ability to shed water. It will cause your body to flush out water, giving you dry-looking muscles. However, it will not pull water out from inside the muscle cells. Therefore, muscle size will remain.

  • Winstrol (Winny)

Winstrol is another great cutting steroid when it comes to burning fat. Winnys’ fat burning effects are very similar to Anavars’. On Winstrol though, you will build more muscle compared to Anavar. The negative effect of this is you will also experience more side effects.

On Winstrol, your testosterone levels will increase. In short, you may experience the following symptoms:

  1. Acne
  2. Thinning of the hair
  3. Higher blood pressure

Winstrol will turn off your natural testosterone production for a little while after your cycle ends. This makes your libido/sex drive decrease temporarily. Winstrol can also cause sore or aching joints in many users, especially if high doses are taken. It also works as a diuretic like anavar which helps you get shredded. However, Winny will leave your muscles looking flat, as opposed to full on Anavar.

Summary: Anavar vs Winstrol

  • Winstrol will help you build muscle, anavar won’t.
  • Anavar makes your muscles look full, winny will make them look flat or depleted.
  • Winstrol causes more side effects.
  • Both are equally effective for burning fat.

If you just want to burn fat, then Anavar is the better steroid. If you want a steroid that can help you burn fat and build muscle at the same time, Winstrol may be a better option. No matter which steroid you prefer, you’ll certainly experience weight loss on Anavar and Winny.

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