Best Ways to Maintain and Grow Long Hair

It is important to remember that growing healthy and beautiful hair is not an easy task. You should maintain it properly. There are different ways to maintain different types of hair. Of course, you can accomplish this particular goal by using chemical and other products and supplements such as a shampoo for hair growth, but without proper care, you will not reach the perfect level of shine and beauty you always wanted.

If you do not have long hair or if you have reached a growing plateau, you should implement tips that we are going to present you in the further text.

  1. Use Appropriate Hairbrush

A wet and boar bristle brush is your best friend when it comes to hair care. If you have long hair, it is vital to brush it frequently so that you can minimize breakage and increase the oil production through it.

Therefore, you should find a brush that features natural fibers such as boar bristle so that you can reduce friction and breakage while brushing. That will help you avoid catching knots, and you will be able to leave your hair silky and smooth without pulling strands along the way.

On the other hand, the trusty wet brush will also help you maintain and care for it, especially around tangles because it will reduce the stress that you are making on your hair. It is vital even to understand how to do it properly.

Therefore, you have to start at the end of your hair and work your way up as it goes down. That will ensure that you are implementing less pressure on the roots, which will ultimately minimize damage.

You should also make sure that you use wide-tooth comb especially when you have a wet hair, because brushing it without can stretch strands and damage it in the long run, and you will not get effects such as separation of strands.

We recommend you to learn more on different types of hairbrushes by clicking here.


  1. Use Hydrating Treatment

In case you are using too much heat styling treatments, you probably know that you should find a way to hydrate your hair much more than other people would. Therefore, the best choice that you can make is a coconut mask for your hair, which is a much better choice than chemicals.

You can make this particular mask by adding extra-virgin coconut oil on your wet hair so that you can increase its hydration and improve the amount of oils inside that you remove by using heat drying.

If you wish to achieve the same effect, you can use avocado or olive oils, because they are high in vitamin E, which is vital for your hair in overall. It is crucial to gently warm the oil on the pan and apply it to your hair.

To avoid dirt being accumulated through it, you should wrap it in a towel and wait for half an hour. The heated oil will be absorbed much well than a cold one,and it will boost its qualities and provide you smoothness and shine.

  1. Consider Using Heat Protectants

Even though this particular idea is understood, some people tend to forget an important tip that will help you maintain and protect your hair along the way. It makes difference, and it will wrap hair shaft, which will form a protective barrier.

That will allow you to avoid heating damage and you will ensure that your style is frizz-free and sleek. The best natural heat protectants are grape seed oil, almond oil,and shea butter.

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  1. Avoid Tight Hair Bands

Using a band that will help you avoid tightening your hair is essential, because the idea is to forget about pulling it from root completely. That will make sure that your hair is under less stress than before, and your strands will be resilient and robust as a result.

You should also avoid brushed cotton towel, because it will hurt your hair, and instead you should use a smooth fabric such as cotton. Therefore, you can use an old t-shirt if you wish to avoid cleaning exceptional amount of natural oils from your hair. It is simple as that.

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