Always Brush Your Teeth

Ever had a tooth ache that just wouldn’t go away, perhaps it a cavity, or maybe an issue with your gums. Yeah all of these could hurt, and there is more where that came from. Our mouths are filled with bacteria, and not taking the right precautions to get rid of them could damage out teeth, and gums. You may assume that a cavity isn’t a big deal and keep on devouring that candy you saved up from Halloween, especially the kids, but it is a big deal. Having a cavity is not good for you plus it hurts, and could cause damage to the rest of your teeth. So make sure you brush your teeth every day, or else you’ll have to book an appointment with your dentist, uh oh!

What is a Dentist?

Now many of you already know what a dentist is, in mean how you could you not. We’ve all booked appointments and hated going to each and every one of them. But no matter what we ended up going, and will continue to go for regular check ups, fillings, removals, and more.

Practically they are known as dental surgeons, they diagnose, prevent, and treat any form of diseases that are capable of entering into your teeth. They ensure that your teeth are met to the standards. They make them healthier, stronger, and better appealing by whitening or cavity fillings and more so we are pleased with the way our teeth look.


Why is it important to book an appointment?

I remember when I was little and had to go see the dentist, I was sure I had no cavities, or issue with my teeth at all, but I would always brush my teeth as much as I can so they are white, and no food was stuck in my mouth. For some reason it made me think I was doing a good job of taking care of my teeth. But little did I know… apparently I had cavities from eating too much candy from Halloween, and I also needed braces. Who knew!

This is why it’s important to book appointments, because we don’t know what goes on in our mouth, we can’t be sure if they’re healthy or not. Yes you may brush your teeth every morning and night, but over brushing can cause problems too. So regular check ups are a must, no matter the age, you can get rid of the plaque, get your gums checked out, and most importantly they make sure that you are free from any diseases, or if showing symptoms the repairing can be done quickly.

Will seeing a dentist put a dent in my bank account?

You may assume that dentists charge a hefty price, and it’s true, they can get pretty expensive in certain times. But that’s why insurance is there, if you have insurance then it is cheaper and covered for. However if you do not have insurance then your bill maybe a bit high. Normally a routine clean up is approximately $80-$175, and a more thorough clean up with x-rays and more could be around $114-$320. Overall the prices will depend on what you will be having done. And honestly you shouldn’t be hesitating to go see a dentist, it will do you a great benefit.

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