All about box mods explained

With so many people trying to change from regular cigarette smoking to vaporizers for various reasons like health, style and comfort, vaporizers are definitely gaining a lot of popularity. With options of vape pens or box mod or desktop vaporizers, people have options to choose one according to their requirement. All of these have some basic differences in terms of size, convenience or style etc. But there are some best box mods and vape mods this year that have some special features which make them popular.

What is a box mod?

Box mod is a powerful vaporizer with a bigger battery and hence is much stronger than other vaporizers, especially from vape pens. It needs the same internal parts like a vape pen, which has a battery, tank and an atomizer. And it even takes an e-liquid that creates smoke when heated. So, the functioning of a box mod is similar to a vape pen with a small difference of coil being inside the atomizer which is attached to the box mod. This coil gets heated with the help of battery and hence creates a smoke. With this change, the process of creating a smoke can change depending on the atomizer attached to the box mod.

Why box mods?

It is a best option for those looking for options on customizing as it allows one to change its internal parts like battery, tanks and atomizer too. With such customization possible, it can give you the kind of vape you are looking for, which means one can choose the intensity of throat hit with it.

Its features:

A box mod is much preferred due to its best feature of customization. Here are the features of best box mods and vape mods this year that make them popular.

  1. Temperature control: Box mod is all about customization. And the first point to see this is its ability to control the temperature which helps in creating a vaporizing experience of your choice. This means, you can adjust the temperature and forget about getting a too hot or not so favored hit in your throat. This is possible due to its feature of controlling the power. SO, this becomes its next feature.
  2. Watt and Power: There is some amount of power that is delivered by the battery to the atomizer, in order to heat the e-liquid. This is called wattage. Box mods have a wattage control. So, adjusting the wattage to low or high will give the user a soft or an intense smoke experience.
  3. Tank: Like discussed earlier, a box mod has a detachable atomizer and this is the one that holds the e-liquid. With a detachable atomizer, the user gets the flexibility to change the atomizer which means they can change the amount of vape, its flavor they receive and the liquid in the atomizer.
  4. Sub-ohm vape: While this is a whole new sub-concept in the major concept of vaping, it is much talked about topic. Box mods have the feasibility to attach a sub-ohm atomizer to its battery in order to get a huge vape cloud that is more intense in flavors.


Apart from all these above features, box mods are becoming the favorite as they also have a long battery life. Hence, choosing a box mod is for those who like customizing their smoking experience.

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