A Walker Not Only Develop The Walking Skill Of Babies, It Also Can Entertain Them

When the parent see that their baby can take the first step, they become very happy. They buy walker to learn their babies proper walking. Beside this, walker can develop the motor skills. To grow the child’s interest, walkers have some features which can entertain the babies. In every walkers handlebars and the good wheels which moves easily on the floor, are provided. The funning features vary from each model. The another best baby push walker which people get easily in the market Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shop’n Cook Walker.


This product named Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shop’n Cook Walker contains many fun activities such as cooking and shopping. This activities make the child happy as well as they can educate from  the activities. This product has four stages for entertainment. The first one is cooking ingredients which is available at the top. It can be detached from the walker as a separate sit. Secondly, this cook top makes a work table where the child stands up due to locked cart legs. Thirdly, when the child starts walking, walker’s sturdy legs help to provide proper support. When the walker is pushed to and fro, a popcorn pop sound is produced which encourage children while walking. And fourthly, the cook top convert into shopping cart after separating it from the walkers. It looks like a grocery stores. Children can play shopping from this section. It has also some fun features. This walker has some buttons from where sizzling sound effects can produce. Here egg roller are also available. Children can spin it for fun. The dimension of this product is 55.9×17.5×40.6 cm. The item model no. is 52130.

best baby push walker

Features and Details:

This product first came in the market on 25thJuly 2015. This product is manufactured by Bright Starts. It has several features. They are:

  • It contain four fun play modes which entertain infants.
  • When walker is pushed to and fro or when the children push the popcorn button an interesting pop sound will be produced.
  • A button can make sizzling sound which sound like cooking.
  • An adult can easily assemble the material of this walker.
  • Children can convert this walker into shopping cart easily.


It has some drawbacks. The wheels of this walker can not be controlled by tension. The cook top is not tightened up. One can easy misplace it or open it.


This type of walker is actually ideal for girl child. They really become happy to get this walker. Their walking skills are developed. This product is sold in the market in three shapes for fun. Child can remember the memories of this fun walker for a long time.

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